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About Every Nanny

EveryNanny is a one stop caregiver platform owned by Sultan&Joanna which aims to be the foremost caregiver recruitment
and placement agency in Nigeria. Our platform was developed to assist with stress-free parenting because we understand
that your children are your most precious gifts and it is critical that you find the right caregivers.
We therefore are dedicated to Quality, Safety, Trust and Security.

Our platform gives you professional and well-trained caregivers (Nannies, Housekeepers, Babysitters, Domestic helps etc.)
to choose from based on your budget, skill requirement, accommodation preference (live-in or not) and personal choices.
We undergo a rigorous qualification and selection process to ensure your caregivers will foster a safe, nurturing and stimulating
environment for your precious gifts.

We have also tried to simplify the process for you as much as possible and have no subscription fees, no commitment
fees and no down payments. Thank you for trusting us with this process and we believe you will continue to do so.

Still have questions? Ask everynannyng for answers