1. COMMUNICATION is within the hours of 8.00 am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday and 10.00am to 4.00pm on Saturdays. Text messages and emails will get prompt responses. For Sundays, please text or email only.
  2. OFF PERIOD: All live-in caregivers are required to have at least one weekend off in a month to let off steam and reunite with their families or friends as the case may be. The equivalent of two weeks of leave per annum is a required benefit for any caregiver who works beyond one year for a particular family. All live-out caregivers work Mondays to Saturdays. Sunday work is negotiable with individual caregivers.
  3. SECONDMENT: We require our Clients to disclose to us from the beginning if they are going to second the hired caregivers to a third party such as mother in-law, sister in-law or such. In such a case, we require in detail the particulars of the third party and would want evidence that they also understand the terms of employment.
  4. BACKGROUND CHECKS: This is our obligation to our Client. We are responsible for conducting background checks namely: Medicals (HIV 1&2; Tuberculosis; Hepatitis B; Widal and PT); Address verification and previous employment checks on the candidates they present for interviews. We subsequently present Clients with applicants’ ‘KNOW YOUR CAREGIVER’ information after a selection has been made. The given guarantor for the Caregiver guarantees for any misdemeanor or misconduct on the job. Each Caregiver provides two guarantors and two references only.
  5. CONTRACT: At no point should a client encourage any Caregiver assigned to you to leave the platform and be absorbed as your personal staff, should this happen, you will be required to pay a fine of N100, 000.00 as damages to the platform. In the event that the Caregiver leaves the platform, she is not to be absorbed by you until after one year.
  6. REPLACEMENT POLICY: Only a maximum of three (3) replacements are allowed. Please allow for a window period of up to fifteen working days for a suitable replacement. It could be faster as we have achieved this in two days on several occasions, however, it is the responsibility of the Client to inform us of a decision to discontinue with a Caregiver via written communication (email). We also expect maximum co-operation on replacement efforts from families as we try to give personalized service to everyone. If a Caregiver gives the statutory two week notice intending to stop work, the family is expected to inform the platform and work together to provide a convenient temporary transition plan. In the event that a selected Caregiver who has been reserved fails to resume work / take up an offer previously accepted due to unforeseen circumstances, it is expected that we be given the opportunity to provide immediate replacement.
  7. ABUSE: We implore/advice our Clients to report any form of dissatisfaction for quick resolution instead of resorting to verbal or physical abuse. It is absolutely unacceptable to violate the Caregivers in any way, whether emotionally, physically or verbally.
  8. LIVING CONDITIONS: Please note that all Caregivers are entitled to at least two adequate meals a day. Adequate provision should be agreed upon for feeding. The general living conditions such as the accommodation should also be suitable for the Caregiver
  9. RECRUITMENT FEES: The recruitment fee is paid at the point of hiring a new caregiver. It costs as low as 9% and no more than 12% of the total annual salary of the caregiver. This is dependent on the salary range.
  10. RESERVATION POLICY: Upon a Caregiver accepting your position, you have 24-48hours to pay the recruitment fees otherwise you may lose the candidate to another client. This fee covers the background checks, training, medical checks and replacement of the caregivers for a period of one year. It is mandatory that this fee is paid on the platform.
  11. ON THE JOB TRAINING: Our approach to keeping Caregivers motivated is providing them with refresher training at least twice a year to update their knowledge base, and unwind. Please send in your Caregiver for retraining at least once in a year.
  12. FREEDOM OF WORSHIP: It is important that Caregivers in your employ be allowed freedom to worship on obligatory days as per their religion. Please discuss this upfront.
  13. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: We are an equal opportunity employer and therefore do not discriminate especially in terms of tribe, class and clan. We encourage our clients to embrace this culture in hiring Caregivers.
  14. TRAVEL: The Employer agrees to inform the platform at any time if they wish to travel overseas with the Caregiver in their employ. This is for security and protocol reasons.
  15. SALARY: The wages of your caregiver must be paid on the 25th of every month, however a one-week grace period will be allowed to cater for unforeseen circumstances. Failure to pay the caregiver within the timeline may lead to his/her withdrawal from your home and every possible legal means will be explored to recover the fund.
  16. NOTICE OF TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT: The Employer must give written notice before terminating the employment of the Employee. This notice shall be given at least two weeks in advance.