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You can order any of our value-adds by ticking the box at the point of selecting your caregiver.
However, if you wish to buy the product without hiring a caregiver, please reach out to us via:
email: or telephone: 0807-529-2159

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    Increased Well-being

    Our customized health insurance cover (in partnership with reputable Insurance companies) with very affordable premiums are available for your caregivers. We believe that this is important because it saves you cost on medical treatment and ensures your caregiver is well taken care of to avoid affecting your child(ren).

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    Buddy Watch
    Increased security

    We recommend Buddy Watches which allow parents locate their children always. It serves as a pedometer that tells how active your child has been, a sleep tracker for monitoring your child’s sleep hours and once it is taken off, parents are alerted. An SOS emergency button is also available for calling the stored phone numbers on the watch.

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    Caregiver Uniforms
    Increased Hygiene

    We have a variety of professional outfits to make your caregivers look smart and decent for the role. These can be obtained at affordable prices on the platform.

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    Startup Kit
    Improved Nanny Kits

    We believe that hygiene is critical for the Nanny and for the sake of your babies as well. We therefore, recommend our Nanny Startup kits which contains the basic hygiene needs of your caregiver, take the stress off you and get your Nanny ready from day one. They include bathing soap, body lotion, sponges, toothbrush and paste, deodorants etc.